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My First Thrombolysis, part #2

Si cip merasa agak terusik. Pasiennya, laki-laki berusia 65 tahun dengan stroke iskemik akun onset 15 menit, datang dengan tekanan darah 90/60 mmHg dan pulse regular dalam batas normal. Umumnya, pasien stroke iskemik akut yang datang ke IRD memiliki tekanan darah yang tinggi. Bagi si cip, hipertensi dalam batas tertentu pada stroke iskemik akut merupakan … Continue reading

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“More than any other organ, it is the nervous system that makes human beings special. The human central nervous system (CNS), smaller and weighing less than most desktop computers, is the most complex and elegant computing device that exists. It receives and interprets an immense array of sensory information, controls a variety of simple and complex motor behaviors, and engages inductive and deductive logic. The brain can make complex decisions, think creatively, and feel emotions. It can generalize and possesses an elegant ability to recognize that cannot be reproduced by even advanced mainframe computers. It can carry out many of these demanding tasks in a nearly simultaneous manner.” [Stephen G. Waxman, Clinical Neuroanatomy, 26th ed, Lange-McGraw Hill]

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny? [Ar Rahmaan : 13]